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All components are hardware. Here we will discus their design and design considerations.

Overview of the components

Component Function Status
MainPower Supply the net with 48V=/1A of power. In design
MiniPower Transform 48V= to 5V=/0.5A for local use. Prototype working
ActController Receive commands from the net to activate four actuator nodes. Prototype working
SenseController Sends commands to the net from one sensor node. Prototype working
DimNode Control a lightbulb's intensity (2A max). Prototype working
SwitchNode Switch on/off a 230V device (2A max). Prototype working
RelayNode Switch on/off a 10-230V device (4A max). Prototype working
RotaryNode Give instructions to the system by rotating a wheel Prototype working
TouchNode Give instructions to the system by waving your hand In design
HubController Split the network into six subnets In design
AccessController Access the system to reconfigure In design
GlassNode Detection unit to determine the breaking of a window. Planned
WaterNode Detection unit to determine water somewhere. Planned
DoorNode Detection unit to determine if a door has opened Planned
HeaterNode Switch on/off a (central)heater in some room. Planned
ClockNode Works as alarm clock and message display. Planned
FireNode Detects smoke in house. Planned

Circuit diagrams

Below please find the first circuit diagrams. They are not entirely up to date, but give an impression how the stuff is working. As soon as possible I will update them.

Contact: info@templetronics.org   CC-BY-NC-SA License: Ruud Vlaming.