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19 jul 2010 Has this project stopped?
13 feb 2010 Software added.
25 jan 2010 New current detection circuit needed.
20 jan 2010 Several people interested.
19 jan 2010 Added photos and building guide prototypes.
18 jan 2010 A lot of work!

[19 jul 2010] Has this project stopped?

No, certainly not. I have redesigned all circuits and will publish them in august 2010. Stay tuned!

[13 feb 2010] Software added.

I have added some software in the software section. This is an experimental release, used to test the prototy hardware. It requires the latest Femto OS (0.912). At this moment btw, i have not enough people gathered to make a combined order worthwile.

[20 jan 2010] Several people interested.

I have had several emails indicating that people are interested and are willing to join the project. That is nice, especially since there is much work to be done. From this moment on, you can pre-order the mini-kit. That will be the revised version of the protoype displayed on the site. As soon as I have enough people gathered, you will be informed. This can take a week, two weeks, maybe more. It is hard to say. In the mean time I am improving the design.

[19 jan 2010] Added photos and building guide prototypes.

I have added photos and short descriptions about the prototypes. Have a look and let me know what you think!

[18 jan 2010] A lot of work!

I just realised that this site is going to be a lot of work. Besides the circuitry, I must publish building guides, BOM lists, PCB design, mechanic and electronic analysis and that for every step that is taken. Expect the site to be reorganised a couple of times before it reaches a state where you can find your way around easily. It is going to take some time too. Sorry for that, let me know you are with me!

[15 jan 2010] Launch of the project!

To anybody who dares join the project right after first launch: enjoy yourself! Of course this project is just starting, and a lot has to be done to the website. Expect these improvements to take place the coming weeks.

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